Tuesday, March 29, 2016

Guest design post @Color Conception

Hello Friends,

I am Guest Designing @ The Craft Shop Blog . They have introduced a white card stock  Bielo!

If you know me, I am always looking for the best white card stock as that is the heart and soul of my cards. In past, I found Neenah (which is US brand ) and I love it. I still do. For around a year that was my staple...:) . But I like to keep some options ready as consistent availability of  a product depends on so many variable factors and hence I keep on trying different papers whenever it is possible. Few months back I found this paper and at first, I was in disbelief that I found my dream card stock.( you don't have to believe any of my words...just try once and you will know I am not at all exaggerating) I happily used it for few months and thought of sharing with Priya. She was really impressed with it and told me she will look into it. Time passed and I even forgot that I shared it with her. Last week, she called me to say that she found a source for the paper and she is going to import it. And that's how I got to write this post.

I also have a video (copic coloring) to share with you on their blog. Please visit HERE for more details and to see complete projects.

 Give this card stock a try because I am loving it and I bet you will love it too. 

Thanks & Hugs!


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  1. I saw each of your cards and thy are beautiful! I have my eyes on the CS now! Thanks for sharing those fantastic cards with us! :)
    Suchi xx


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