Wednesday, March 13, 2019

Liquid water colors by CrafTangles part 2

Hello friends,

I am back with more projects created with new release of CrafTangles Liquid Water Colors. It is a picture heavy post with tones of projects.

I tried to play more with the transparent quality of these colors. If you are familiar with traditional pigment based water colors, you might know that they are quite prone to create blooms when you try to introduce wet color on dry one. Blooms  are irregular splotches and marks where very wet paint has been introduced into an area that is quite a bit dryer, but not Bone Dry. As the Wet liquid moves in, it begins to creep into and over the other area that wasn’t perfectly dry, displacing the pigments from the first color and giving dark, harsh edges. Many artists use it for their advantage but you have to be an 'Artist' to do so...:) . So the good news is these are dye based colors which gives an ease to build the layers with smooth blending. 

I made the galaxy background for this card with them.

I applied several layers of colors from light to dark and kept on drying it with heat gun  in between each application. See how smooth the blend is. I have used Jane's Doodles stamp and colored them with CrafTangles water colors.

For next card, I painted some abstract flowers with wet on wet technique. For this, you just paint a shape you want with water and drop liquid colors while it is still wet. The water will work as a carrier and spread and blend the colors beautifully. 

I added few details with black and white posco pen. The colors blend so well and love the organic look of it.

Next project is my try with loose flowers using these colors. You need to dilute them a lot for this technique. I am not an artist so this panel took me quite long . Once it was done, I did not have courage to chop it and make into card so i left it for now.

Next one was even more fun...

It was just a plain tissue paper. It is gorgeous but couldn't figure out how to adhere this on anything. As these are water colors, it will smear with any glue. Well while writing this, thought of ironing it lightly and  use double sided adhesive sheet/label sheet to stick this onto a card stock and can turn into card or just frame it....:)

Next is a set of note cards. They are just 3.25 inches square.

First one is just 3 brush strokes. Second one is again loose, abstract rose. Third one, i tried to make some blooms by varying water content in base layer and black detail. In Fourth one I just added 91% alcohol for that bleached effect. Last one is just playing with that turquoise color which is blend of poolside and evergreen. That brownish yellow is lemon tart and coffee mocha.

Few you can see I couldn't stop myself. These colors are magical. 

1st, 2nd and last use the same technique... paint top most hill/wave, dry it and repeat. Use tiny amount of diluted color . 
Last one is similar to 1st one but here I did not dry the panel completely inbetween two layers so it will bleed a little and give that softer look for waves. it all depends on the amount of water on the paper and in the brush. 

2nd one is my favorite. Believe it or not it only uses newly released black berry color. Yes, black... it breaks down into blues and purples...just amazing. 
3rd one is just a simple rainbow. 

4th is a perfect example of how you can create different texture/look from well defined (mountain) to very fluid(water) by just adjusting the amount of water you use to paint. 

5th one, I just drew few waves with a masking pen and added different colors for the abstract sea. Once everything was dry, i rubbed off the masking fluid to reveal those white lines. 

I hope you are still with me.. :P

Next few are mini, abstract, minimalist art. They are so easy to create.
You can frame them  with over-sized mounts to give that trendy, modern look. I haven't framed them but used 5"x5" mounts. The art is 3.25" x 3.25".

I used Arabic gold from FineTec. As you can see in the picture, the tool i have used to paint these textured strokes is very unusual....yes, wooden key( you get it with stretched canvas) and Popsicle stick. As they are pours they absorb liquid color and act as a very hard brush giving interesting textures.

 Last one is the best. I have used just black berry color but it turned out so stunning. I am really proud of myself as I have no prior experience of using water colors in such a free form.

thing made with just black berry...

That is for all today! I hope you are not bored with my obsession with these colors but let me tell you one thing...they are addictive..:)  If you have any questions, please let me know in comment below.

Thank you for being here. 
- Neha

Monday, March 4, 2019

Plumeria - Blog hop

It is blog hop time again at @Jane's Doodles. There are 2 new stamp sets Plumeria and kind. Plumeria is a perfect set for all your spring time cards.

Kind Plumeria

Both the sets are so out of the box. Love the plumeria because they are fun to color and cluster plus individual flowers gives you flexibility to use it in many ways. The sentiments are wonderful too. Instead of just plain thank you, such sentiments add pop on the cards. 

Here is my cards with Plumeria. I took a different route then usual (i.e. stamping and coloring the flowers) to use the floral stamps. 

I used few scrap of colored card stock to construct my panel. Flowers are heat embossed in white and added white details with pencil. 

For the second card also I used same card stock but used copper embossing powder and thanks die cut from a metallic, copper card stock.

The next two cards are perfect examples for mass production.

I used Misti to stamp the images and heat embossed them in white & gold. The White is actually pearlescent card stock but in oicture it liiks like textured one. Check the image below to see it. 

I hope you like my not-so-usual approach for floral cards.

During the blog hop, all the sets are 20% off ! The sale will run till Wednesday! There will be one random winner from all designers blog who will get a stamp set of her choice. So please visit all my co-dts blog and enjoy their creations and leave some love on all the posts to win a stamp set.

Here is the blog hop order :
Neha ( that's me... 😊 )
Jane's Doodles  

Thank you for being here!