Tuesday, September 8, 2015

Peerless water colours

Hi friends,

Recently I bought these pretty pretty Peerless water colours. They are transperent and very vibrant. They comes in form of dry sheet which looks like coloured paper swatches. They are very concentrated so you just need tiny bit of it.

I went ahead and stick them on folded 300 gsm water colour paper and made a small booklet for easy use.

I also did some simple swatch below each colours. This is really required as you can see the pigments on sheets are very concentrated and  look very different from actual colours.   

And here is the card I made with it.

When ever it comes to colouring images, I prefer Jane's Doodles stamps as their out lines are quite thick and have very nice sentiments too. As it was my first try with these colours, I went for single colours only. They blend effortlessly. I embossed the flowers in white, wet them with water, drop little bit of pigments in wet are and allow it to spread along with water. It is super easy and results are just fabulous. 

See you soon with more colour blending experiments.


  1. Oh my...those colours sure are'em...
    And what a simple yet gorgeous card!!!

  2. This is such a great organization technique...and so much needed i guess. :)
    The card is beautiful Neha!! :)
    Suchi xx

  3. So pretty, those white embossed flowers in these bright colors!

  4. This is so pretty!! I love the white embossed flowers with the bright colors. I like how you made a booklet for easy use. I actually bought these and have never used them. Maybe I will have to get creative and make a booklet similar to yours. Then maybe I would actually paint with them.


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