Tuesday, May 19, 2015

Pigment ink pad makeover

Hello Friends,

Today, I am here with one of my experiment. For years, I am using Clearsnap Color Box Pigment inks. I love their inks...very creamy and awesome colors. My first purchase was Petal point Optional pad and after that I bought many Mini pads, CAt's eye and reinkers. I was a loyal and happy stamper for many years. But in last 3 years I replaced many of the pads as they started deflating turning into a mushy lump of ink and foam.  I wrote to them too about my problem and they replaced some of the pads too. But with in a year they all went flat again. As I have many reinkers, I started looking for empty pads but could't find any. At that time I came across this Cut-n-Dry foam by Ranger. 

See How they are turning flat.

Soak all the pads in water overnight & remove the foam. What ever you see is the adhesive and ink stuck on it which cant be removed but it is not going to stain the new foam as it is dry .

The foam comes in a big sheet .

Cut the foam in 1" wide strips. See how it is made of two types of foam. We need the white layer.

Peel the white foam carefully. The density of white layer is perfect for pigment inks & thickness of it is exact same as my original Colorbox Mini Pad.  


Cut it into appropriate size and adhere them on the base with strong adhesive. Leave them overnight to dry.

Add ink from reinker till they are soaked properly and your brand new pads are ready to go.

Hope this will help you.


  1. Thank you so much for sharing this Neha ..What a wonderful idea !!

  2. such a great idea!!! I cannot believe I threw so many pads away.... grr!

    1. ha...ha.. i did the same before this Eureka Moment...;)

  3. I have had similar problems with some pigment inks too. I mostly use dye inks now as I find them more versatile. Great idea to make your own ink pads though.

    1. Ya Kate... I am switching to dye inks too. Thanks.

  4. Cool idea. I have many cheap ink pads that I had bought when I started crafting. This is a great idea to use them up.


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