Wednesday, August 8, 2018

Craftreat Tribal stencils

Hello Friends,

Today I have some thing other than cards. I am using Craftreat Tribal stencils on canvas and wood. When I saw these designs, I was delighted as they are really unique and out of the box designs. They are perfect to create DIY home decor, furnishing and much more. It is a picture heavy post. So seat back and enjoy!

Love, love, love these wood slices from Letzcraft. I painted 1 coat of white gesso and 2 coats of white acrylic paint for the base. I used three design for THIS stencil and black gesso . I added golden details with metallic acrylic paint and tooth pick. Once it was dry, seal with clear varnish.

Next projects are on canvas panel. I have used 3 6x6 and 3 3x3 panels.

I painted all 3 6x6 panels with black gesso- 2 coats. Once dry, apply golden embossing paste using THIS background stencil. Keep it for drying. For 3 smaller panel, I did experiment with white, green, yellow and blue camelin artist acrylic colors and liquitex pouring medium. You can create background any way you want it. Stencil 3 design from THIS tribal stencil using black gesso. Add details with golden metallic paint and tooth pick. Adhere small panel in the center of 6x6 panel using hot glue gun. This is fantastic way to create dimension and interest in you diy project.

The delicate details of back ground.

The gloden embossing paste looks awesome in person.

Last is 6x8 canvas and acrylics. Here I wanted to show how you can mask and use stencil differently.

This was totally inspired from google images. I painted background in different shades of yellows.

I used THIS stencil for figures. First, I masked everything but faces, legs and hands. Used balck gesso to stencil. clean the stencil.  Once gesso was dried, I realigned the stencil and mask legs, faces and hands. I used some metallic green and pink for stenciling. When everything was dry, i added details with white sharpie. Added some tribal motif in the background using one of the older stencil of Craftreat.

You can make couple of different sizes and hang them in a collage. 

I hope you will give it a try. I had to use the material provided for the post but I would suggest you to use stretched canvas instead of 6x6 and 6x8 panels as they are easier to hang on the wall and the details on the sides look really professional. Panels require framing for hanging and they bend too. 

Thanks for being here.

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  1. Love these stencil painting and how differently you have used them, especially the tribal figures on canvas.


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